Fowlers Vacola – preserving food safely at home.

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The Vacola site is a great site to visit and it has a lot of resources, step by step animated videos on drying, jarring and jam making – take a look. There’s all the gear listed there too.Vacola unfortunately is a system you can only use for high acid environments – that is the boiling method, so you’re confined to preserving pickles, jams, chutneys and fruit preserving – the Vacola double boiling method once used by our Grand Parents is now not recommended as it’s not completely safe if preserving using the boiling method . If you want to be able to preserve anything your little heart desires then you’ll need to use the Ball Mason system. For beginners Vacola, is great place to start preserving your own food at home and tried, tested and very reliable system that’s keenly priced too.

When you’re ready to get serious you can use the boiling method and the the steam canning system in one unit with Ball Mason. Check out these web sites for jars, canners and anything you need to get yourself kitted out -

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